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About Us

Welcome to Wellness Hot Yoga


We offer bikram method hatha yoga, the original hot yoga, a healing yoga practice designed to build flexibility, strength, and balance. This yoga practice promotes a healthy lifestyle including reducing stress and helping achieve and maintain a healthy weight. It is a true beginner's yoga practice, accessible to everybody. This basic series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises are taught in a manner that allows the practice to be done by beginners, people with limited mobility, people with chronic illness, but is also challenging enough for athletes and experienced yoga students.


We are a full service studio. Our studio is wheelchair accessible, including showers and changing areas.

Studio owner Teri Almquist gave a 30-minute interview on a local television program called "About The Journey." In this interview, Teri discusses the bikram method hatha yoga and its healing benefits. Enjoy!

Please note: the studio was previously known as Bikram Yoga Merrimack Valley. We have changed our name but we still teach the same great yoga. 

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