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Live Online Classes Daily

We're using Zoom to teach classes and allow our community to stay connected. The first time you connect you will need to download an app on your computer, phone, or tablet.

Click this link to get started:


Audio Recordings

If you can't make it to any of our live classes (you should, they're really fun!), here are some recording that you can practice with. Steven also posted his concert from last month for anyone who wanted to hear it! DOWNLOAD HERE

Now more than ever it is important we stay connected so please check back here, or follow us on social media, join our email list, etc.

Community Events

We offer weekly events to bring the community together. Please join in and stay connected

Practice the yoga you love... in your own home.

We are having such a great time teaching and practicing the online classes. It's so nice to see everyone and connect with our community every day. It's obviously not the same as being at the studio, but we are all making the best of it and enjoying every class. If you haven't tried an online class yet, join us today!

Our classes are a way to keep our community connected and sustained during this unsettled time. Our Wellness Hot Yoga community exists far beyond our four walls and we are working to support the hot yoga communities around the world. We opened access to classes to anyone who would like to practice with us. The response from these communities has been astounding with a generous outpouring of gratitude and a request to help support our efforts. 


We want to be clear, the online classes are FREE and no payment of any kind is expected; however, we do greatly appreciate that people want to support our small business during this difficult time. We have added a button to allow those who wish to contribute to do so via PayPal. Please also check out our online store where you can find a variety of WHY merchandise available for sale with free shipping.


We are so grateful that most of our members have decided to keep their memberships during this time. We wouldn't be able to do this without you! We also know that this is a tough financial time for a lot of people, so please, if you need to cancel your membership or just put it on hold for a while, please send an email to membership@wellnesshotyoga.com

The important part of being a community

The wonderful part of a community is that we can share our resiliency. If you find you are in need of any help getting food, medicine, toilet paper, or anything or if you just need to talk please feel free to contact us—we will do our best to help you. We are a community and we will get through this together. Feel free to call the studio or reach us through email or Facebook. We are closed physically, but not spiritually or emotionally. Take care of yourself and wash your hands!

Home Practice

It is great to set up a space for home practice but the truth is all you need is a little space for a mat and the desire to show up. Practice a whole class or join in for some breathing or just the floor series. Do what you can to keep yourself well and connected. 

Technical Difficulties

If you are using a phone or tablet and you are unable to turn on your camera, or unmute your microphone, it most likely has to do with your privacy and security settings. Go into the settings for your device and allow Zoom to access your microphone and your camera. Voila! If you are not very technical and need assistance getting connected  please call the studio and we will walk you through the process of joining us online.

More Online Classes

Our friends Kay & Orlo from Home Hot Yoga in Portland, OR are also hosting online classes at 10am & 8pm M-F, and 11am on the weekends. So if those class times work better for you, that may be a good option. Those classes are happening in a separate room and some registration is required.

All the details here

Studio owner Teri Almquist made this great video with some tips of how to practice from home. Enjoy! Please subscribe to our Youtube channel to stay up to date.