I took this yoga class one day...

You can never tell where you will end up when you start your yoga journey. I showed up to my frist class hoping to put off surgery for a year or so. 11 years later, the places this journey has taken me are unbelieveable.

The yoga journey might send you to places you expect: To feel calmer, less stressed, to experience a healthier body. You might explore your own mind, heal past trauma, and come to terms with past events.

I wake up every morning looking forward to teaching this powerful yoga practice to others and helping them on the journey only they can take. The journey to the best self they can be.

I hear lots of reasons why people think they can't do Bikram Yoga. Most of them are just excuses or fear, or a misunderstanding of the practice. All you need to start is the will to show up for class. That's the only skill needed. 90 minutes later you may not feel you have done much but I promise if you keep coming, the class will change you. And the only thing you have to do in each class is breathe. That's all.

I spent my first class breathing and doing little else. I had the will to return to the mat over and over, simply because I could feel my body getting better. One year into the journey, I was off to teacher training. Nine weeks away from home--an unthinkable event. 11 years later, I have visited countries far and wide. Watched hundreds of people stand on their mat, in their own journey and listened to all the amazing stories they have to tell.

It's not always easy to step into that first class. The heat, the humidity, the endless directions... but all you have to do is come in and try and you will end up in places you never thought you would be, telling people: I took this yoga class one day and now look where I am!

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