Yoga Night School


Last month we held out first Yoga Night School. In every class the teachers give you all the information to do the postures. Occasionally, we even throw in a little information about what happens in a posture (physiologically, anatomically) with the body. But due to the nature of the class—creating a moving meditation, talking to the body—we can’t get into an in-depth discussion during class time. That is what Yoga Night School is for!

Have you ever had a question in class about a posture? Here’s your chance to ask it. Ever wonder if you are really doing the posture right? Here’s your opportunity to show me your postures and get some individual attention. As you develop more understanding of the postures you can create a deeper relationship with them and a deeper relationship with your practice. Ultimately you develop a deeper relationship with you. Remember: yoga is not about yoga, yoga is all about you!

Last month we reviewed the warm-up series (Pranayama Breathing through Eagle Pose). We got some great questions! I love the chance to answer your questions, to get your feedback on what is going on in your body in the posture.


In Pranayama Breathing we discussed how we isolate certain muscles of breathing to control the breath, stretching the intercostals muscles to get the body prepared for Half Moon (every posture prepares the body for the next posture), focusing the mind in the room and getting oxygen into the body.


In Half Moon Pose we talked about working your spine through your full range of motion in all directions, using the big hip bones to facilitate the movement. We discussed the importance of good alignment over depth and how the body moves pressure around in the joints.


In Awkward Pose, warming up through the hips, learning to take the pressure out of the knees through proper technique. We discussed the benefits of the posture, especially for people who cannot sit on their heels yet in the 3rd part and how to continue to work in that direction.


And finally in Eagle Pose we discussed how we use leverage in the postures to create depth through good technique, stretching the back of the body, working all the major joints.

After Night School, several of us went to Jamie’s for some “party time.” It’s great to spend some social time together, to get to know each other better, and create an even stronger community. I hope everyone in attendance had a great time.

Our next Yoga Night School will be on June 19th. Don’t worry if you missed the first one, each class stands alone. This time we will review the one-legged balancing series: Standing Head to Knee through Balancing Stick. Yes, it’s all about lock the knee! We will discuss what it means when we “lock the knee” in Bikram Yoga, how to do it, why it’s important, and so much more! Of course, if you have a burning question about any posture—just ask!

We look forward to seeing you on Friday, June 19th 7pm - 8:30pm.

Yoga Night School is free for all members and Bikram Teachers. $20 for all others. Everyone is welcome even if you have never taken a Bikram Yoga Class before! You can pre-register online, or just show up. See you in school!

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