We are a Wellness Center

I was recently talking to a friend about our hopes and dreams for the future. I told her my dream is to one day open a wellness center. My friend laughed and I wondered "is that a silly dream?” She explained “It’s not a silly dream, it’s just YOU already HAVE a wellness center.” She went on to explain, " I’ve been to your studio, I have seen the students with hip, knee, and shoulder replacements. I have heard them in the hallway discussing getting off blood pressure medication, lowering their cholesterol and blood sugars, and seemingly miraculous cures to all sorts of physical and other challenges. They tell me they sleep better, have less stress, and their backs don’t hurt anymore. If that's not a wellness center, I don’t know what it is.” I realized she was right. Everything I've wanted, I already have: a place for people to come and find ways to create a better life. That place is Bikram Yoga Merrimack Valley.

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My relationship with Bikram yoga has always been focused maintaining health. From healing my own neck issues and the added benefits to my mental and spiritual health, to the affects my health has on my family and friends. I’ve seen it over and over with students, healing inside and out. Even medical science has started studying the healing effects of a regular yoga practice, with Mass General Hospital running a studying on the effects of people with depression when the start practicing Bikram yoga regularly, and Colorado State University documenting what happens in the body during Bikram classes. Pure Action is a non-profit documenting and funding this research.

Bikram Yoga is designed to be a healing hot yoga. It was designed for every body, no matter what the issues. So over the next year we will continue to focus on this aspect of yoga. Healing physically mentally and spiritually, then maintaining that healthy you through a regular practice. Helping with the healing process when problems arrive. We’ll be working on making the studio even more accessible to the larger Merrimack Valley community. So over the next year we will be sharing students stories, celebrating our community and running events to support the local area.

I’m very excited to have a greater vision for our studio. Here’s to a happy and health-filled 2015.

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