To New Adventures!

Trying new things, it's never really easy, is it? I remember stepping into my first Bikram Yoga class. It was in West Roxbury and Diane Ducharme taught my first class. I was nervous and concerned that I couldn't do anything. When I finally got started it wasn't so bad after all, and what a journey it has taken me on. I remember the first class I taught, the first posture clinic I ran at teacher training, the first class at my own studio. All were exciting and scary at the same time. It's how I feel today as I write my first blog entry. I hope to use this as a platform to spread information about Bikram Yoga. Like any new adventure, it's much easier to do when you have people who are helping and supporting you along the way. This is where you come in! I need your help. Let me know what you think, what you want me to write; your feedback is invaluable. I may even ask you to write an entry or two as well. I'll be using this forum to keep you updated on my travels as I teach in Australia during the month of October. I hope you all enjoy this great new way to keep connected as a community.

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