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Live Classes. 90 Minutes of Therapeutic Hot Yoga. In The Hot Room.

At Wellness Hot Yoga your wellness is our top priority. We have always worked to keep the studio sparkling clean but to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 we have stepped up our game:

  • Sanitizing the studio after every class using a high-pressure steam cleaner that heats the steam to 310°F.

  • Cleaning high touch surfaces with 90% alcohol

  • Teachers will wear face coverings at all times in the studio and practice physical distancing. 

  • We will have touch-free service, all sales will be done using credit cards on file.


Until further notice there will be no towel or mat rentals, please come dressed for class and bring your own mat and towel with you. To accommodate everyone, we will continue to offer online classes providing both live online video classes and a live online audio stream of all in-studio classes.

We are doing our part — we need you to do yours.
By following all protocols we can keep everyone safe and the doors open.
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All students must pre-register online for class. We are limited to 12 students per class. A waiting list will be created when class a is full.

No walk-in or drop-in students allowed.

No-show students will be charged $25.

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Masks are required to enter the building and must be worn until after pranayama breathing. Then you will be allowed to practice without a mask. You must put your mask on for kapalbhati breathing.

Wash your hands upon entering the studio. Please wash for 20 seconds with soap and water. Use a paper towel to dry your hands and turn off the water.

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Leave all personal items in the hallway on the benches. You will need your mat, towel, water, and mask for class. We are no longer renting mats and towels—you must bring your own.

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To help control the flow of students in and out of the yoga room, please use the door near the lobby to enter the studio and the door by the meditation area to exit the studio. 

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Remember to keep a physical distance between you and the other people.

Place your mat on a designated spot in the yoga room to assure we maintain the safe and required distance between students. 

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Take off your shoes and leave them in the outer lobby by the elevator.

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The change areas and showers are not available for use but the bathrooms are open. One student at a time in the changing areas when waiting for the bathrooms.


In-Studio Class Schedule

Monday through Friday:

7 am   

Monday    Wednesday    Friday

10 am and 4:30 pm


12 noon* and 6:30 pm

*this is an audio-stream of our online class


8 am  &  4:30 pm

all in-studio classes will be audio streamed online*

Merrimack Valley Bikram-wellness upload-