8 am Class Only

       Labor Day 

Schedule Changes


Darren is visiting us from Brisbane, Australia. He is only here for a short time but if you catch one of his classes you will love his enthusiasm and  accent!

New Year's Eve:
7am, 9am, 3pm
New Year's Day:
9am & 5pm
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Veterans Day

Monday, November 11th

Regular Schedule

Veterans practice for free all day. Also, just a reminder that we offer 6 months of free yoga for all vets returning from overseas deployment. Just come in!

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$39 FOR 30 DAYS

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The new passcode is 9642

Kat is back visiting us from Brisbane, Australia (and the world). She is a regular guest in our community. She has traveled the world bringing her yoga knowledge to teacher and students around the globe.

"I stepped into that first class knowing absolutely nothing about Bikram yoga by the end of the first week I knew that I wanted to become a teacher. In 2010 I went to training. And now I am definitely the healthiest I've ever been and as I get older I’m getting stronger and more flexible. My intention is to be practicing and teaching this yoga until my final, final savasana."

Claire is visiting from Melbourne Australia.
She attended Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in April 2012 and has since been teaching full time, at a number of studios in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and Tasmania.
"As a teacher, it is wonderful to be able to share my knowledge and experiences. I enjoy assisting others embrace the yoga and experience its numerous benefits. My teaching is an extension of my practice … I teach from the heart, with energy and enthusiasm."
"I look forward to practising with you and, as a teacher, guiding you through your yoga practice."

Fall 4x4 Challenge 

 Challenge yourself to do 4 classes a week for 4 weeks during the month of October. That is 16 classes in 31 days. Everyone who completes the challenge will be invited to attend a group lesson with Teri. The lesson will review each posture and allow for questions and individualized attention. 

In addition challengers names will be entered into a drawing, one winner will receive $200 off the cost of the February Costa Rica Retreat. Sign up at the studio.


Anthony began practicing Bikram Yoga in July 2011, one year after his second consecutive operation on his right knee. He had been suffering from chronic knee pain and limited mobility since the first knee surgery in 1997. Six years of service in the United States Navy had taken a toll on Anthonys' body and mind. "I was over-prescribed a diet of pain killers and anti-inflammatory medications. I wanted to change the quality of my life." Taking the advice of his orthopedic knee surgeon, he started practicing Bikram yoga. "I was immediately addicted despite my struggles. During class my knees cracked and popped, my legs shook, my heart raced, and I constantly fell out of postures. After continued practice, I felt the changes happening, first in my body and then in my brain. My legs regained strength, my knees stopped hurting, and I was better able to manage stress."

Anthony was awarded a VA/Military scholarship to attend Bikram
Yoga Teacher Training in 2013. Since graduation he has had the
opportunity to teach at more than 15 studios across three continents and four countries.

Posture Clinic with Teri

Saturday, October 6th, 2018 from 12pm–3:30pm.

Teri will spend over three hours explaining the technique of every posture and answering your yoga questions. This is a chance to get one-on-one feedback and talk about postures, yoga philosophy, and anything pertaining to your postures and practice. The posture clinic is held in a casual heat-off* environment with time for your questions and feedback. Bring your mat, a towel, and a notebook. Everyone is welcome-even those who have never practiced Bikram Yoga. There will be a small fee for the posture clinic with a discount available for members.*The room will still be warm from the 10am class.