BYMV Clothing Orders

We are doing pre-orders for clothing items THIS WEEK ONLY.  All orders must be in by 4pm on Sunday, December 6th. You can pick your clothing item, your size, your color, and your design. Most items have a logo on the front and a design on the back.
"Fall In Love Deeper In The Second Set" 
Our very own Michelle Park has lost her shadow... and now it's attached to your favorite new shirt!
"This Is Your Long Journey Through Life..."
So be good to yourself and buy yourself a nice new hoodie. It's cold outside! (Unless you're in Australia, then buy a tank top!)
"Tight Hamstring Doesn't Make You A Bad Person..."
It just means you should buy yourself a nice long-sleeve shirt featuring our very own Stew Henry. As a bonus, Stew has promised that anyone who buys this design can take 1 class NEXT to him in the room at no additional charge. Now that's a deal!

Clothing Items

So Sad.


Women's T Shirt (with flowy draped sleeves)
Women's Ts have a logo on the front (left chest) and a design on the back.
Colors: White Marble (shown), Red Marble (shown back), Blue Marble, Charcoal Marble, Black, Athletic Heather, Midnight, White, and Maroon. 
Women's Long Sleeve
Women's Long Sleeves have a logo on the left hip and a design on the back (as seen in the "Fall In Love" example above).
Available Colors: Black (shown), Midnight (shown back), Maroon, Athletic Heather, Dark Grey Heather, & White.
Women's Jacket
Women's Jackets come with a logo on the left chest, a design on the back AND a "Mama Give Me Money" print on the right palm.
You could order it without the palm print, but why?
Available Colors: Black (shown)
Unisex V-Neck T Shirt
Unisex T Shirts come with a logo on the left chest and a design on the back.
Available Colors: Navy Triblend (shown), Orange Triblend (Shown Back),White Fleck Triblend, Green Triblend, Orange Triblend, Navy Triblend, Grey Triblend.
Unisex Hooded Sweatshirt
Hoodies comes with a logo on the left chest and a design on the back.
Available Colors: Dark Grey Heather (Shown), Navy (Shown Back), Deep Heather, Atheltic Heather, Black 
The Hoodie also comes in some brighter colors like pink, coral, yellow, purple. etc.
But wait, there's more!
We also have unisex tank tops and women's tank tops in a wide range of colors. (Aqua is shown on the unisex tank, women's tank is Coral).
Unisex tanks have a logo on the left chest and a design on the back.
Women's tanks are BLANK on the front and have the BYMV logo up high on the back.

Jackets $55





So how do I buy it already!?!?!?

Step 1 - You can pay for your items on our online store.  
Step 2- Send me an email at telling me the item, the size, the color, and the design that you want.  If you have any questions don't hesistate to contact me!  Steven  REMEMBER, we are only taking orders until Sunday, December 6th so we can have delivery by Christmas.


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